joi, 3 iulie 2014

A good song

Hey bros I'm bored today so I'm listening to music ! I listen rock ! What's your opinion about this song ? ;)
All rights to Disturbed band !

luni, 23 iunie 2014


This is an important message for you bros ! will be the last link of our site ! Of course I'm gonna post in 2015 too but this is the last link ! Stay awesome !
Hey bros ! Enjoy these new codes just for you guys ! NEW : enjoy world cup's spirit at stadium ! See u ! Take care !
*REDFINAL500 CoinsJune 2014
*PURPLE27500 CoinsJune 2014
*CHAMPION500 CoinsJune 2014
*HQCP20141000 CoinsJune 2014
*GOOOOOALSuperfan HatJune 2014 ( 5 O's )

vineri, 23 mai 2014

duminică, 18 mai 2014

Who is Rockhopper

Maybe one of your questions related to this game is "Who is Captain Rockhopper ?"
This is my answer for you bros ! Enjoy ! :
Rockhopper (sometimes known asRH (Rockhopper abbreviated) orCaptain Rockhopper) is a friendly pirate and a sailor who regularly sails to Club Penguin Island with his ship,the Migrator. He is one of themascots of Club Penguin. He is always accompanied by his Red Puffle, Yarr.His ship is only docked at the Beachon special Club Penguin parties or events. He keeps a journal of his adventures, and sells rare items brought over from Rockhopper Island and other places. When he comes to Club Penguin Island, he gives away a free item and sells other items to member penguins in theRockhopper's Rare Items catalog. Thecatalog includes items such as pirate hats like the Puffle Bandana, telescopes, backgrounds, furniture, and other items.Penguins can sometimes see him in random places in random serverswhenever he docks at the Beach onClub Penguin Island. You can also get to earn the Rockhopper stamp for being in the same room as him. Players can receive a free gift from Rockhopper by clicking the "Box Icon" icon on his Player Card. The free gift he gave was an Eyepatchbefore 2007. Since 2007, his free gift would be a giveaway background with his autograph. He and Aunt Arctic tie as the 3rd Mascot you can add to your buddy list.

Who am I ?

I am a 13 years old boy from Romania doing great job for you guys ! Sorry for my inactivity in 2014 but now , because there are few days and the summer begins I will post more , and more ! Stay awesome guys ! See you !

sâmbătă, 17 mai 2014

New codes bros !

Hey bros there are new codes that u can redeem ! Here they are ! Hope u enjoy them , see u in the next posts! :
BEARS41810 Koi Ponds + 10 Mossy LogsFebruary 2014
MYTICKET500 CoinsFebruary 2014
BENNYBOB500 CoinsFebruary 2014
INTERNET500 CoinsFebruary 2014
CADEAUCPFrench Party HatMarch 2014
SKATES11500 CoinsMarch 2014
4VOLCANO500 CoinsMarch 2014
DIGITNOW500 CoinsMarch 2014
DISN2014Blue Blend Hoodie (EXPIRED)March 2014
RACEFLAGRace FlagMarch 2014
BEARCUBSBear CostumeApril 2014
10VULCAO500 CoinsApril 2014
INGRESSO500 CoinsApril 2014
LARANJAB500 CoinsApril 2014
COINPACK1000 CoinsApril 2014
*PUFFLES1Blue Border Collie HatApril 2014
*NATLPARKPark Ranger HatApril 2014
*BEFROZENSnowflake CostumeMay 2014
*POPCORN9500 CoinsMay 2014
*KLUTZYP6500 CoinsMay 2014
*CAPTURED500 CoinsMay 2014